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The Psycho Soldier Page
Last Updated 19 February 2001.

Psycho Soldier Music

The songs in this section are from the "SNK Original Best" CD, SCDC-00055.

Psycho Soldier (1987 Japanese-language version), MP3, 1.1MB
Psycho Soldier (1987 English-language version), MP3, 1.1MB
Psycho Soldier (1987 instrumental version), MP3, 1.0MB
Psycho Soldier (1987 Japanese-language version, voice only), MP3, 704KB
Psycho Soldier (1987 English-language version, voice only), MP3, 693KB
Level 2, MP3, 1.3MB
Level 3, MP3, 1.3MB
Level 4, MP3, 1.9MB
Level 5, MP3, 1.2MB
Level 6, MP3, 816KB
Last Boss, MP3, 477KB
End Music, MP3, 896KB
Game Over (Japanese-language version), MP3, 140KB
KoF '95 - RealAudio, 261KB
KoF '96 - not enough server space! - MP3, 4MB
KoF '96 remix - not enough server space! - MP3, 4MB
KoF lyrics (Japanese)

Psycho Soldier Sounds

From "SNK Original Best" CD

*ALL* Voice recordings (Japanese and English), MP3, 1.3MB

Athena Sounds

Bye bye - 30KB WAV
Fight on! - 32KB WAV
Hooray! - 30KB WAV
I'm lucky! - 35KB WAV
Oh oh, that's hard. - 65KB WAV
Play more. - 35KB WAV
Watch me change! - 64KB WAV

Kensu Sounds

Hooray! - 30KB WAV
Oh oh, darn it... - 37KB WAV
OK, let's go! - 45KB WAV
Ouch! - 19KB WAV
Thanks! - 27KB WAV
Watch me change! - 27KB WAV

Enemy Sounds

Enemies in pain - 89KB WAV
Enemies panicking - 115KB WAV

Song Recorded From the Arcade Board

Psycho Soldier (English-language version), MP3, 1.1MB

Song Lyrics

The sounds in this table are the song lyrics only. There is no background music.

Sound Size Type
Athena's name is magic 73KB WAV
Mystery... is what you see 44KB WAV
her crystal is the answer 91KB WAV
fighting fair 49KB WAV
to keep us free 40KB WAV
she's just a little girl with power inside 136KB WAV
burning bright 44KB WAV
you'd better hide if you are bad... 114KB WAV
she'll get you 29KB WAV
she'll read your mind and find if 80KB WAV
you believe in right or wrong! 208KB WAV
"Fire," "Fire..." psycho soldier 29KB
"Fire," "Fire..." psycho soldier 29KB