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The Psycho Soldier Page
Last Updated 19 February 2001.

Psycho Soldier was the first-ever video game featuring a vocal soundtrack. And, of course, it is also a fun game! The main character, Athena, appears in several SNK games. She and her partner Kensu are more famous for being members of a King of Fighters team than for their own game!

Games with Athena and Kensu:

  • Psycho Soldier (arcade, C64, Spectrum)
  • Athena (arcade, NES, Spectrum?, C64)
  • Crystalis (NES, GBC)
  • King of Fighters '95 (Neo-Geo, Saturn, Playstation)
  • King of Fighters '96 (Neo-Geo, Saturn)
  • King of Fighters '97 (Neo-Geo, Saturn)
  • King of Fighters '99 Evolution (Neo-Geo)
  • King of Fighters '00 (Neo-Geo Pocket)
  • Gals Fighters (Neo-Geo Pocket)

19 February 2001 news: I found a CD called "SNK Original Best" that contains the original Psycho Soldier music. All the music has been ripped and can be found in the Sounds section. The CD has both the Japanese and English versions of the song and each level's music!

Version 0.35 beta 8 of MAME, released in March 1999, now emulates Psycho Soldier and Athena. I do not have the ROMs on this Web site, nor do I plan to..

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